UAA Experimental Economics Laboratory


General Information:

The UAA experimental economics program promotes student learning through the use of experimental methods in teaching and research. The economics department offers several experimental-oriented courses, including, an upper level experimental course (see below) and principles of macro and micro courses.  Experimental methods are also used in other upper division courses as well as some introductory courses that satisfy GER’s.  Students can also earn cash by participating in faculty research experiments. In addition, we work with students on undergraduate research projects, and are currently working to expand these opportunities.  If any of these areas interest you, please read more bellow.

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Fall 2014 Experimental Related Courses 

Methods of experimental economics will be used or discussed in the following courses:

Econ 333: Experimental Economics

               Jim Murphy and Todd Cherry 


ECON 123: Introduction to Behavioral Economics

                Jonathan Alevy

Econ 201: Principles of Macroeconomics


               Kyle Hampton

               Paul Johnson


Econ 202: Principles of Microeconomics


                Kyle Hampton        


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

There are ongoing undergraduate research projects and opportunities for new projects. Please contact Lance Howe ( or Jim Murphy ( for more information.

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