UAA Experimental Economics Laboratory


Resources, Institutions, and the Owner State

A Workshop on Policy Research Using Experimental Economics

August 21-22, 2006

Rasmuson Hall 207

University of Alaska Anchorage

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Monday, August 21


8:00-8:30    Coffee and Rolls


8:30-9:00    Welcome and Objectives

Tom Case, Dean, College of Business and Public Policy

Lee Huskey, Chair, Economics Department


9:00-9:50    Experimental Economics and Alaska policy issues

Vernon Smith, UAA Rasmuson Chair in Economics


9:50-10:10    Coffee Break


10:10-12:00    Session I

Chair:  Lee Huskey, University of Alaska Anchorage


Rent Dissipation in Competitive Limited Entry Fisheries:  An Experimental Analysis

Gunnar Knapp and Jim Murphy, University of Alaska Anchorage

Price Discovery in Tradable Fishing Allowance Markets: Auctions for Initial Sale of Annual Catch Entitlement in New Zealand's Quota Management System

Chris Anderson, University of Rhode Island 

Fixed Revenue Auctions

Cary Deck, University of Arkansas


12:00-1:30    Lunch


1:30-2:40    Alaska Policy Issues I

Will Nebesky, Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Oil                  and Gas Division   

Steve Colt, University of Alaska Anchorage


2:40-3:00    Coffee Break


3:00-4:45    Session II

Chair:    Paul Johnson, University of Alaska Anchorage


Local Management of Common Resources and Public Goods

Todd Cherry, Appalachian State University

Common Pool Resource Management and the Effect of Heterogeneous Users:  An Experimental  Investigation

Lance Howe, University of Alaska Anchorage

Local Management of Common Pool Resources in Developing Economies

Jim Murphy, University of Alaska Anchorage


Tuesday, August 22


8:00-8:30    Coffee and Rolls


8:30-9:40    Alaska Policy Issues II


Mark Fina, North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Steve Langdon, Professor of Anthropology, University of Alaska, Anchorage


9:40-10:00    Break


10:00-11:45    Session III

Chair:    Lance Howe, University of Alaska Anchorage


Fairness, Information and Coalition Building in Tax Policy: An Experimental Approach

Sharman Haley, University of Alaska Anchorage

Firm Structure and Compliance with Environmental Regulations

Mike McKee, University of Calgary

Building a Market: From Personal to Impersonal Exchange

Bart Wilson, George Mason University


11:45-1:15    Lunch


1:15-3:00    Session IV

Chair: Jim Murphy, UAA Rasmuson Chair in Economics   


Using Auctions to Define Transferable Rights to Capacity Shares in a Pipeline

Vernon Smith and Mark Olson, George Mason University

Risk and OPEC: An Experimental Analysis with Updates

Doug Reynolds, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Search with an External Opportunity: an Experimental Investigation of the Todaro Paradox

Wayne Edwards and Lee Huskey, University of Alaska Anchorage


3:00-3:20    Coffee Break


3:20-4:30    Session V

Chair:    Lee Huskey, University of Alaska Anchorage


Manipulation and Information Markets

Dave Porter, George Mason University

The Decision to Adopt Economic Experiments for the High School Classroom

Paul Johnson and Steve Jackstadt, University of Alaska Anchorage


4:30-4:45    Closing Remarks


For further information or to register for the workshop contact: Lee Huskey, Economics Department, University of Alaska Anchorage, 786-1905 or

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